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Pittsburgh Rapper Kellee Maize Makes TV Debut with Decker: Unsealed

Pittsburgh rapper Kellee Maize is debuting tonight, June 4, on TBS’s adult swim “Decker: Unsealed. Decker: Unsealed started as a web series but has made its way on to the TBS line-up. She will be accompanied by her biological father Jimmy McNichol, a 70’s teen heart-throb. McNichol was featured in numerous tv commercials beginning at the age of 7 landing his first movie at the age of 12. In Pittsburgh you can find TBS on Verizon Fios on channel 52. Read the full press release below.

Press release
Photo by Miss L Photography

“Jimmy McNichol, birth father of Pittsburgh’s internationally-renowned conscious rapper Kellee Maize who, just three years ago, met for the first time, come together and will be featured in TBS’s Adult Swim’s hit television show, “Decker: Unsealed,” beginning June 4, 2017. Maize will also demonstrate her wide melodic range, crossing genres and releasing a full album as her character on Decker, set to debut during the airing of her featured Decker episode on June 25. This will be Maize’s 7th studio album.

The relationship between the newly-united duo has flourished, ignited by their mutual multi-generational triple threat nature: as singing, dancing, and acting professionals. Their acting careers have now crossed paths, beginning with “Decker: Unsealed,” Tim Heidecker’s real-action spy television show.

Both share not only artistic but also entrepreneurial spirits. Maize is world-renowned for her successful music career as an indie-conscious rapper/singer through her work with MIC PGH’s Indie Music Business Model (IMBM) and is also a successful writer for the Huffington Post. This year she is balancing 3 music releases while also running her 10-year-old marketing company, Nakturnal. McNichol launched a Facebook Page with his sister Kristy to connect with fans, share unreleased music, and promote his production company Scenario Pictures, where Maize and McNichol are combining forces to produce original television content in the near future.”

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