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Standard Broadcast Ready for the Big Stage

By Brittany Satterfield

Pittsburgh based indie-rock band Standard Broadcast will be headlining their first show at Mr. Smalls this Saturday night. Over the last couple years, the band has played several shows, but never at a venue this large. This morning, I spoke with Nate Jay, band front man, pianist, and vocalist. “It doesn’t get much bigger than Smalls,” Jay said, “We’ve played about 28 shows in the past two years. We’re really excited about this one. And we’ve got four great bands supporting us.”

Bands Soul Alliance, The Anxious Hearts, The Bleepy Things, and The Vics will also be joining them on Saturday which will be sure to make a great show.

Knowing I’d be covering them, I had listened to several of their tracks the night before. For me, it was the cello, played by Leland Shaw, that stood out. “The cello is what’s in place of a bass for most bands,” Jay explained. “Leland is a crazy talented cello player. Holly and I write the majority of the music, but Leland writes too, and you can tell when he does because the music is a lot more intricate.”

With Holly Fromlak on the guitar and Jeff Skalyo on drums, combined with Nate’s vocals and piano and Leland’s cello, this band has a very upbeat, refreshing sound. To catch this awesome local fun, get out to Mr. Small this Saturday. Your ears will thank you.

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