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Summit Station Debut Album Kickstarter Campaign

Summit Station Kickstarter Campaign
January 17-February 17

Crowd funding websites like Kickstarter are all the rage these days, especially for independent bands trying to get their album launched. Some Pittsburgh bands that have taken advantage of this process are Boca Chica, Sleep Experiments, Daily Grind and Pet Clinic. Slim Forsythe recently raised over $10,000 for a country music TV pilot episode. In 2012 experimental group, Black Moth Super Rainbow raised over $125,000 on a $45,000 goal!

On Daniel Snoke’s latest project, bluesy folk band, Summit Station, he took to kickstarter to get the funds needed to complete their debut album. The band has currently raised over 60% of their $2500 goal with an end date of February 17. Snoke is also a mandolin player for local group Colonizing the Cosmos.

Summit Station’s album isn’t going to be your typical release about band experiences and failed relationships. The entire album will be based on victorian poet, Lord Alfred Tennyson, who is most notable for the quote “Tis
better to have loved and lost, then never to have loved at all.” Snoke learned of Tennyson while researching his work, “In Memoriam A.H.H,” for a high school paper.

Summit Station will include some originals on the album, but will primarily be lyrics from Tennyson’s 166 year old, “In Memorium.” “To be honest, I just got board with everything else. What have I got to say that hasn’t already been said? I found out that Tennyson has said everything I want to, just better,” admits Snoke.

The album artwork will contain a picture of Tennyson, complete with rock and roll fingers and a sly smirk. Snoke wanted to change Tennyson’s appearance a little bit. I called up (artist) Caleb (Sawyer) and asked him to make Tennyson bad ass… and he did,” says Snoke.

As of right now a release date is set for April 18 with studio time February 12-14. Snoke is pretty elated with his band members. On Summit Station’s Facebook page the band is described as follows,”Bassist, Jonathan Heins, brings a reflective groove to Daniel Snoke’s bluesy guitar riffs, drummer, Robby Breckinridge, pushes a creative beat underneath folk inspired writing, Davis Good paints a retro sound on the Rhodes and Kristi Marie adds soulful harmonies to thoughtful melodies.”

“It’s pretty exciting to see so many talented people coming together. Tennyson said he’s pretty stoked too,” jokes Snoke.

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