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Talkers “Bad Ones” Album Review

soundsceneexpress November 16, 2015 No Comments on Talkers “Bad Ones” Album Review

“Bad Ones”
Released November 21, 2015
Cover art by Dave Watt

Brash, bold and brilliant, Talkers nail what rock really means with “Bad Ones.” Intended to be played as loud as possible, these are powerful songs with infectious hooks and sunny dispositions. With thoughtful lyricism the songs possess a refreshing observational approach to songwriting. Embodying the joy that the best pop music can bring, these songs bring to mind Jon Brion’s best work, chock-full of clever original arrangements. Helping to further cement this style are the undeniable chops of Talkers, from the free-wheeling guitar solos to the tight rhythm section. Brought together the songs show some real depth.

Talkers starts the album off on a high note with the swooning work of “Bad Ones.” A punchy rhythm accompanied by meticulous guitar work and reassuring vocals, the entire thing is the embodiment of intelligent pop music. Satisfying to its very core is the giddy rhythm of “Cold and Out of Line.” A narrative takes hold over the proceedings helping to tie the song together, with every flourish adding to the song’s power. Nicely embodying a sense of freedom is the optimistic “Dog Park.” Balancing between the calm and the careening is the passionate work of “Hot Knives.” Ending things off on a stylish note is the masterful work of “Sunburn,” where Talkers really show off their dynamic skill with a raw sound dominating.

Smart, creative, and satisfying Talkers show how good pop can be on the unforgettable “Bad Ones.” These are songs that linger in the mind long after they’ve ended. You can hear it for yourself this Saturday at Spirit for their album release show with Pet Clinic, Gypsy and His Band of Ghosts and Host Skull. This 21+ show starts at 9pm and is only $5. Check out the title track below!

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