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The Summercamp, Can’t Miss Opener, Teenage Takeover 3

Photos and preview by Randy Jarosz

Poster by Joe Mruk

Practicing in a 90+ degree box on Pittsburgh’s South Side doesn’t faze these guys. The Summercamp are a new band on the Pittsburgh scene who scooped up the opportunity to play at Teenage Takeover 3.

A pretty big gig for a band that has only played one show ever. Don’t think they are nervous though, lead guitarist Mitch McDermott, 18, of Collier, admits, “We’re more excited than anything. We’re expecting a great turn out and a very rowdy crowd.” They are calling this their first “official” gig, opening for takeover vets Pachyderm, Chase the Monkey, Nox Boys and newcomers, Allentown natives The Yetis. “We (are) stoked at the opportunity to play with such awesome bands and to expose ourselves to an audience that just doesn’t know what we have to offer yet,” tells McDermott.

If you were thinking about just coming to see the Nox Boys and The Yetis, you may want to re-think that, McDermott promises their performance will definitely be a memorable one.

The band also consists of drummer Eric Englert, 22, of Mt. Lebanon, bassist Connor Lindsay, 20, of Scott, rhythm guitarist Sam Geffrey, 18, of Scott, and lead vocalist Harrison Wayne, 22, of Heidelberg. Don’t forget to enlist in The Summercamp by following their Facebook page at and the_summercamp on instagram and twitter. The Summercamp perform tonight at 7pm at The Shop in Bloomfield for Teenage Takeover 3, an all ages show for only $5.

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