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Weird Paul Keep the Hits Coming

soundsceneexpress May 16, 2015 No Comments on Weird Paul Keep the Hits Coming

Lo-fi king and original vlogger, Werid Paul Petroskey keep the hits coming on his latest release with Ben Blanchard, called PP2BB. Blanchard is also keytardist for the Weird Paul Rock Band. Petroskey has over 20 albums to his name and over 700 songs that he has written or co written himself, with his first release Lo Fidelity, High Anxiety from 1991.

Weird Paul’s music is all about comedy and entertainment and PP2BB is no different, with the lead track Popcorn Cleanup, where the duo sings about, you guessed it, cleaning up popcorn. “You made a really big mess, shame on you, now there’s only one thing never to do,” sings Petroskey, while Blanchard repeats “Popcorn cleanup, cleaning up the popcorn, what the fuck.” I could only imagine what a live show brings for this song. I’m envisioning popcorn flying through the air from those in attendance, while Blanchard lays on the keytard.

You can catch Weird Paul tonight May 16 at the Shop for a solo show and at the Deutschtown Music Festival, July 11.

Photos by Randy Jarosz
Deutschtown Music Festival 2014

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