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William Forrest “In Words” Album Review

William Forrest
In Words
Released November 27, 2015

William Forrest’s “In Words” is a tasteful dose of downright addictive psychedelic pop. “In Words” at times feels reminiscent of Grizzly Bear’s emphasis on vocal harmonies and a general atmospheric quality. Everything simply works: from the vocals sent on high to the powerful drumming the entire collection feels like a cascade of colors. The usage of multiple styles from Post-Rock to folk to everywhere in between gives the collection a sense of true freedom. Full of false starts, sonic detours, and with maze-like qualities the songs deliver on downright infectious melodies. All of the songs feel woven together and William Forrest’s emphasis on continuity results in a collection that deserves to be taken in together, like a landscape.

 “Beautiful Ghost” opens it with appropriately dreamy guitar work. For “Numb/Her” William Forrest starts things with a restrained hush from the delicate percussion to the spacious sound. Vocals serve as the only anchor. The buildup feels particularly satisfying as the sound soars into the sky conjuring up images of grandeur. By far the highlight of the collection is the impassioned work of “Deception Valley.” Throughout the piece the riffing is incredible as is the carefully sculpted distortion. On “I.S.I.B.H.I.W.M.F.I.L.Y.” William Forrest employs a Post-Rock structure to fantastic effect for the song’s finale. Closing everything out is the ambitious sprawling “Ugly Bones” which shows off William Forrest’s impressive chops.

 Spacious and surreal, William Forrest’s “In Words” is a unique unforgotten slice of chamber pop perfection. Be sure to catch William Forrest kicking off the Strip District Music Festival at the TicketFly Stage @ Altar Bar Saturday, January 16 at 12 PM. You can listen and purchase the ep at

Photo by Chris Uhren

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