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William Forrest “INWARDS” Debut

soundsceneexpress July 15, 2016 No Comments on William Forrest “INWARDS” Debut

William Forrest consisting of Brendan Cope on vocals/guitar, Sam Cope on Drums, Patrick Gregg on keyboards and Brandon Dunlap on Bass formed back in 2012 while attending school at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. The band released their debut EP in November of 2015 called “In Words.” With catchy melodies and Brendan’s enthralling vocal delivery, this 5 song collection was easily one of the top local EP’s of the year.

Over the past year in different segments William Forrest had been filming a visual EP of sorts called “INWARDS,” a play on words of their EP “In Words.” Gregg produced the 30 minute long music video with Glass Light Films. Instead of releasing separate music videos for each song, Gregg opted for a full length continuous production. “It seemed like a challenge, and I really liked how neat and tidy the EP was in concept, and timing, it just seemed to make a thing that encompasses the entire thing, because all the songs come from the same place,” he said.

“Their is individual concepts for each song, but it’s how they relate to each other that is important,” he continues.

Be on the lookout for new music videos for The Lopez and Pet Clinic produced by Glass Light Films and news tunes from William Forrest. Until then enjoy this superbly done visual EP.

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