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All That Remains Reconnect at Mr. Smalls

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All That Remains, Devour The Day
Audiotopsy, Sons of Texas
Mr. Smalls Theater
December 18, 2015

Photos and Re-cap by Jennifer Moore

Pittsburgh was the second to last stop on the All That Remains tour.  Sons of Texas was the first opening band that hail from surprise- Texas.  Their energy was awesome and were a great warm up for what was to come.  They’re promoting their debut album, Baptized in The Rio Grande and you wouldn’t know it because they have this seasoned personality on stage.

Audiotopsy took the stage next, which are a mix of other well known bands.  The guitarist and drummer are formerly of Mudvayne, and the vocalist is the former frontman of Scrape.  The band formed this year and released their debut album -Natural Causes.

Devour the Day opened their set with the awesome and heavy track “Respect” that really got the crowd rumbling.  This is an awesome track to hear live – it gets your blood flowing.  This quartet is from Memphis, Tennessee.  Half of the band are previously from the band Egypt Central.

Lastly, All That Remains closed out this heavy metal night.  The two original members, vocalist Philip Labonte and guitarist Oli Herbert have an awesome on stage dynamic that’s been going strong since they formed in 1998.  All That Remains is on their seventh studio album, the latest is titled The Order of Things.  Some of their hits include “This Probably Won’t End Well”, “What If I Was Nothing”, and their latest single “Victory Lap.”  During “What If I Was Nothing”, Labonte took a lucky audience member’s hand and personally sang a portion of the song to her.  Labonte mentioned how it is unlikely a metal band has a slower type of song, but that they wanted to include it on the record and with they’ve had much success.  This is what makes All That Remains so amazing- their fearless attitude and fan connection.

All That Remains

Devour The Day


Sons of Texas

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