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Cats In Congress “We Spent All Our Money on This EP” Review

Cats in Congress
“We Spent All Our Money on this EP”
Released March 19, 2016

Cats In Congress create the perfect punk pop with “We Spent All Our Money on This EP.” How they go about this is particularly gone, from the occasional forays into post-rock’s cinematic builds to a heartfelt kind of folk. Throughout the collection Cats In Congress spend the vast majority of their time focusing on the lyrics. By opting for this approach Cats In Congress creates small little odes to the everyday sort of hopes and dreams. Vocals certainly dominate the proceedings with the impassioned delivery of Billy Lewis. Further emphasizing this passion is the undeniably strong rhythm section courtesy of Forrest Newman on drums and Jake Edwards on bass. At times the sound feels reminiscent of early 2000s rock, raw, vulnerable, and in a way, quite intimate.

Anchoring “Nobody Got Famous From Writing On The Bathroom Stall” is the glistening guitar riff which aims for the stars. The dreaminess works wonders when placed against the longing spirit that defines the song’s lyrics. On “Are We Famous Yet? Ft. Hailey Taylor” Cats In Congress turn off the amps and go for tenderness. Giant guitar riffs define the chaotic rush that is “Another Runaway Blog” where James Kiran and Billy Lewis work together to create an all-encompassing kind of sound. Bringing the collection to a close is the defiant spirit of “Obligatory Breakup Song.”

“We Spent All Our Money on This EP” shows off Cats In Congress’s impressive work in tapping into the zeitgeist, creating sweet satisfying snapshots from a life lived to its fullest. You can purchase the EP on iTunes, spotify and bandcamp.

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