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Happy R.A.N.T.iversary to Slim

soundsceneexpress August 18, 2015 No Comments on Happy R.A.N.T.iversary to Slim

Slim Forsythe is a staple at Nied’s Hotel and of course is the natural choice for host of the venue for R.A.N.T., which takes pale in Lawrenceville. The week of Rock All Night Tour was a big week in the history of Mr. Forsythe, calling it his “R.A.N.T.iversary week.” Also calling R.A.N.T., “tavern owner appreciation day. Here are a few R.A.N.T.iversary dates that are special to your Nied’s Hotel host:
• August 11th was the 10-Year Anniversary of his first gig as Slim Forsythe. (31st Street Pub, August 11th, 2005)
• August 13th was the 42nd Year Anniversary of his first day at Zippo Manufacturing Co., in Bradford, PA. He was
17 and just outta High School in 1973. He worked in the Acid Etch Department making the famous windproof
lighters and if they broke they fix them free!
• August 14th was the 7-Year Anniversary of his first date with Patsy Patsy the Cowboy Sweetheart (Jill Morgan).
On Thursday night, August 14th, 2008, she walked into Nied’s Hotel with a cowboy hat on her head and a big smile
on her face and stole his heart.
• August 15th RANT was the 46 Year Anniversary of Woodstock.
• August 15th was also the 50 year anniversary of the Beatles’ third and final Ed Sullivan Show appearance.

So, if you see Slim this time next year on these dates wish him a happy R.A.N.T.iversary! Below are a some photos from Nied’s Hotel during R.A.N.T and some from beyond.

Nied’s Hotel Photos by Randy Jarosz

Slim Forsythe hosting Nied’s Hotel during R.A.N.T.

Essential Machine

Brewer’s Row

Devin Moses and the Saved

Mark Cyler and the Lost Coins

Photos by Jennifer Moore

Photo Joe and the Negatives at Stinky’s

Prime 8 at The Night Gallery

Grand Bell at Chromos Eyewear

IV at the Hop Farm

The Wire Riots at the Hop Farm

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