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Roulette Waves “Blown Out” Album Review

Roulette Waves
“Blown Out”
Self Released August 1, 2015

Produced by Jared Augustus Creighton
Album Artwork by Derrick Davila

“Blown Out” is divine fuzzed-out bliss. Recalling the best of early grunge, Roulette Waves revels in the implied menace that appears throughout the album. Aptly named, “Blown Out” has a no-holds barred approach. Heather Donovan’s vocal delivery is distinctive. Behind her is a band that effortlessly matches her energy. Thus the band is able to match the more reflective moments alongside the distorted disoriented chaotic energy that is unleashed with startling regularity.

Wasting absolutely no time, Roulette Waves gets into the thick of things with the apocalyptic “How I Feel.” The threat-infused guitar work and the anxiety of the amplifier hum works wonders for a stellar introduction. From there they take off with exceptional guitar work and a frantic rhythm. “Feel You,” takes a different tact going for quieter intimate atmospheres before it goes for the grandeur at the very end with Heather Donovan’s peculiar voice displaying a palpable rage. On “Run,” Roulette Waves has an interesting poppy sound and is downright anthemic. “Crawling” offers a sound reminiscent of Sonic Youth’s work in the late 80s. Infinite fury comes out on the fiery “EGO,” while chaos reigns on the no-wave inspired rhythms of “Ghost Song,” by far the best song on the album, shifting tempos and grooves while remaining fully engrossing. Bringing things to a close is the surprisingly sweet “She Wears Her Dress”.

Roulette Waves taps into a righteous anger and deep-seated frustration on “Blown Out,” and it is a better album for it. You can hear the entire album and purchase it at You can also catch Roulette Waves live at Cattivo October 23 with Meat Wave, The Dirty Nil and Huzzah.

Review by Beach Sloth

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