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Haunting at Howlers Tonight

soundsceneexpress October 23, 2015 No Comments on Haunting at Howlers Tonight

Preview by Randy Jarosz

Howlers is the place you want to be for this years best pre halloween party. It has everything you could want; great music, great beer, a halloween costume contest and ghost sightings! Thats right, Howler’s has been home to old Howlin’ Sal Spetro who has been haunting the establishment since his death October 23, 1934.  On the anniversary of Spetro’s demise  local favorites LoFi Delphi, Paddy the Wanderer, The Rockin’ Bones and special guest and host Bryan Vamp will be performing a rock and roll exorcism!

LoFi Delphi hasn’t experienced any paranormal activity at the venue yet, but Howlers concert organizer Mary Jo Coll has and so has musician Jeremy Caywood. (Check out their interviews below) Andrew Belsick and Lofi Delphi are just going to stick to the music and not worry about ghost hunting. As far as what you can expect from them, “You might see a wrestler, a ghost busting rhythm section, and you may need to spend some time finding our guitar player,” says Belsick.

The bands and Howlers are going all out tonight with horror movie backdrops, horror movie trivia, a $200 prize winning costume contest and plenty of PBR to go around. The festivities start at 9pm for only $8. Don’t be scared, go to Howlers tonight to solve the mystery of old Howlin’ Sal Spetro.

Mary Jo Coll’s Ghost sightings

We sat down with the one and only Mary Jo to discuss the creepy experiences she’s had at Howlers.

Posted by LoFi Delphi on Sunday, October 4, 2015

Jeremy Catwood’s ghost tale

We caught Jeremy Caywood on the streets of Lawrenceville and he told us of his own personal haunting encounter with the ghost of Sal Spettro. Help LoFi Delphi, Paddy the Wanderer, The Rockin’ Bones and special guest and host Bryan Vamp rid Howlers of Sals spirit once and for all.

Posted by LoFi Delphi on Saturday, October 17, 2015

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