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HughShows TV A Big Success

soundsceneexpress October 13, 2015 No Comments on HughShows TV A Big Success

Article and photos by Randy Jarosz


“We’re all at a HughShow
It’s a lot of fun
‘Cause he’s got all the answers
Yeah he’s got them written down
So let’s all watch a HughShows
Till he gets to number one
yeah…” sang Josh Verbanetts during the opening theme song of the HughShows TV pilot, filmed at PCTV on the North Side of Pittsburgh. The song was changed up a bit for the occasion. “List Show,” was originally found on the Meeting of Important People‘s debut album and is a favorite of Hugh Twyman.

Twyman known for his music blog HughShows is taking his love for Pittsburgh music live, with a new musical act each month performing three songs and an interview and a non musician, Pittsburgh “celebrity,” doing a first/last interview, a popular format on his blog.

Twyman has been interested in producing a TV show for over 30 years while taking production classes as a teen. It wasn’t until recently that he found something worthy to broadcast. “It was luck that I met Carl Cimini from PCTV at the Deutschtown Music Fest and told him my idea and he loved it, so we started the ball rolling,” said Twyman. PCTV is a Pittsburgh public access television station with their mission to “provide local citizens and non-profit organizations with the tools to produce and broadcast programs from their own unique perspectives.”

The live studio audience included local bloggers, music enthusiasts and some of the top musicians in Pittsburgh, all coming together on camera for the recently released Meeting of Important People, single, “All Rode off Together.” “The band was spot on using one take to nail it. That’s how great those guys are,” said Twyman.

He continues, “This is really a dream of mine and I really do hope it works out. I am my biggest critic and it may take a few episodes to get what I really want to be just exactly perfect! I am so honored and thrilled from the support I get from the music community. It would not be able to happen without that and I am forever grateful.

Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto will be interviewed on October 20th for the pilot, with prior commitments for the original date. A few days later the final pilot is expected to be released, eventually making its way to PCTV on channel 21 for Comcast subscribers and 47 for Verizon customers.

Twyman explains, “The plan is to do 12 shows next year. One a month featuring a different local band. If it turns out to be good and fun, I’ll do this for many years to come. As long as I am enjoying something, why stop?


Video courtesy of Chris Leya and LiveBurgh

Hugh Shows TV (pilot) with Meeting of Important PeopleSneak Peek of the pilot episode of HughShows TV (Hugh Twyman) – with Meeting of Important People [raw prodution]

Posted by Chris Leya on Thursday, October 8, 2015

See the complete HughShows TV pilot HERE

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