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Katie Hate Interview

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Katie Hate is an alternative rock trio consisting of Max Theofilis on guitar and vocals, Bobby Fello on bass and Jake Saltzman on drums. Their music has a distinct punk rock feel but they noticeably pull from a number of different influences. The guys released their debut album on halloween 2015 titled “Let’s Pretend Again.” June 18th the trio is organizing a concert to bring awareness to Shaken Baby Syndrome in honor of Kaden, a survivor. They ask that you only bring a new stuffed animal to donate to the foundation With Love, From Kaden. For more info visit:

Sound Scene Express: When Did you form Katie Hate?

Max Theofilis: I’ve been writing music since middle school or something and I need a band to play it. So in spring of our sophomore year, jake and bobby asked if I wanted to jam with them, I gave an admittedly unenthusiastic yes, we didn’t totally suck, and so we made the thing official and started playing my music. I had found my band.

Bobby Fello:   (We) formed in 10th grade as our formerly known name “Water Damage,” 2 years later re-naming to “Katie Hate,” we have created a unique yet familiar alternative rock sound with influences of many different flavors. We currently have 1 album released with 12 original tunes titled “Let’s Pretend Again,” and we are working on a short EP while creating the second Katie Hate album.

SSE:  What inspired you to make music together?

MT: I’m always interested in creating and I enjoy music so that’s my inspiration without being super detailed and Jake and  Bobby wanted to play a battle of the bands when they came looking for me to sing and front and we formed as a not so serious band in 2011 and then as a much more serious band known as Katie Hate near 2012.

SSE: Who writes your song lyrics? What is your/their inspiration?

MT: I write the music and lyrics and inspiration is usually uninspiring in my case. But my answer: the world and my sad little brain.

SSE: What genre of music do you consider your work to be? Who are your
major influences?

MT: It’s music that’s sometimes distorted noise and fast with some untrained melody. That’s the genre. And my major influences are the Beatles, bob dylan, neil young, alternative and punk rock.

SSE: What is your favorite Katie Hate song?

MT: I haven’t written it yet.

BF:   Favorite song is a song on a future album, i don’t want to spoil the name but it starts with ‘g’ and rhymes with ‘toast’.

SSE: What are your rehearsals generally like?

MT: We practice spontaneously.

BF:   We used to practice upwards of 6 days a week during school, but with all of us working, we get in a practice whenever we can.

SSE: What do you think of the Pittsburgh Music Scene?

MT: I think it’s only bad because it’s controlled by money and young musicians don’t have any. There isn’t a great community where people can play and be heard and not lose money to some asshole in the process. If it wasn’t for that, the scene would be pretty good especially for its size.

BF:   I love the pittsburgh music scene! everyone was very welcoming when we started, and now its like my extended family!

SSE: Who is your favorite Pittsburgh band/ musician?

MT: The bastard bearded Irishmen because they stole my guitar and I talked to them once. Real cool dudes. Real nice.

BF:   Favorite local band would have to be A Lovely Crisis, Five Under, or Stronghand. My favorite musician is Anthony Sarnelli.

SSE: You guys have an important show lined up at Mr. Roboto spotlighting Shaken Baby Syndrome, how did this come about?

MT: The band is acquainted with a shaken baby syndrome case and we wanted to do a benefit that would help the victim and their family and give us an opportunity to play.

SSE: What is your goal with a show like this?

MT: The goal is to educate and try to make a difference through that education. We also wanted to get some good local bands together for a good cause.

SSE: How can fans and the general public help?

MT: Contact daryl Saltzman

SSE: You are following the Roboto show with “The Summer Ruckus Tour,” where are you guys heading?

MT: Wherever it doesn’t cost too much money and the people are open minded.

SSE: Is there anything else you would like to add?

MT: Music heals.

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