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Old Soles and Seedy Players Release First Single

Old Soles and Seedy Players formed late in 2015 and are about to unleash their first single upon the Pittsburgh music world, June 23 at Cattivo in Lawrenceville. They are part of the “Folkin Around” lineup with Bindley Hardware Co., Northern Gold and As Ladders. They literally just put the finishing touches on their first single and will be included as a free download for all who attend  their show Thursday night. Sound Scene Express had a first listen to “Paintings in The Sky” and here’s our take

“Delivered with the utmost tenderness, Old Soles and Seedy Players creates a long-lost classic with “Paintings in the Sky”. Attention to detail is astounding from the light acoustic guitar to the flourishes of fanfare that punctuate the best. The sound positively glistens as it unfurls ever so gradually. Rhythms are kept breezy and the melodies shine right through. Serving as the heart and soul of the track are the dreamy vocals. Happiness radiates from these vocals as the lyrics focus on the idea of freedom, of simply being able to escape it all. With this narrative Old Soles and Seedy Players lets the song serve as a short story of sorts, a small snapshot of a life. By emphasizing group play Old Soles and Seedy Players are able to create such rich textures full of life. Poppy to its very core the song emphasizes all the hope that helps people move forward.

The leisurely introduction feels positively perfect as the piano work gives it a sense of vibrancy. Vocals emerge out of the mix as the gentle coos of the chorus add to the sense of purpose embedded deep within it. Layers upon layers of sound interact wondrously creating a dazzling array of color. Drums have just the right balance between power and passion. Towards the latter half of the song Old Soles and Seedy Players dives into a light form of wonder about the world.”


Old Soles and Seedy Players

Dan Styslinger (vocals, keys, guitar) Frank DiDiano (guitar) James Held (drums) Colton Sankey (bass) Bob Kircher (trumpet) Rick Firestone (alto sax) Tanner Davis (tenor sax)

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