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Ryan Adams at Stage AE

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Ryan Adams
w/ Noel Gallagher
Stage AE (Outdoors)
July 13, 2016

Photos and re-cap by Whitney Lerch

Ryan Adams took the stage at Stage AE on July 13th, standing mysteriously in the shadows, as he opened his set with Trouble. A few songs in and after hitting the crowd with Gimme Something Good, which really got the masses singing, he stepped back into the lights with the band and continued on with an incredible 20+ song set, if you include the impromptu, made up on the spot tune they added into the mix. The stage set up itself was nothing short of incredible, much like the music.

With cats on top of giant (and I do mean giant) amps, a tiger hanging out with the guitars, like any tiger would do and old school arcade games thrown in there as well, the stage was nothing short of attention gathering, even before Adams began his set. The crowd was enamored from the moment he walked onto the stage and despite having just heard Noel Gallagher (co-lead vocalist and songwriter for Oasis), perform earlier that evening, the Oasis covers Supersonic and Morning Glory by Adams were not only welcomed, but clearly loved by the crowd.

Ryan Adams and the Shining “Morning Glory ” Oasis (By Brian Abbott)

Ryan Adams and the Shining Setlist Stage AE, Pittsburgh, PA, USA 2016

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