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Scott and Rosanna “Live at Prospect Park” Album Review

Scott & Rosanna
“Live at Prospect Park”
Released October 15, 2015

Light and airy Scott & Rosanna’s “Live at Prospect Park” is an acoustic gem. With energetic passionate guitar playing, their songs are absolutely welcoming. A twee sensibility is embedded throughout the collection. From the articulate thoughtful lyricism to the earnest vocal delivery, listening to the hopeful tunes brings pure joy. Lyrically the songs are little snapshots from life. Giving these songs such a sense of purpose letting them explore the universality of experiences from missing the countryside to longing for others, they cover it all and do so with the utmost of grace. By employing such a stripped down sound with no electronics, no overdubs, straight from the heart, this is as honest as music gets.

Things start off on a high note with pining for wide open spaces on “Trees.” Emphasizing the freedom of the countryside their lyrics focus on the oftentimes confined feeling that the city can give. Luscious in tone is the leisurely delivery of “Darker Shade of Grey.” Rosanna’s vocals are particularly wonderful highly expressive showing off her considerable talent. Delicate and fragile is the small sweet sounds of the collection highlight the absolute exuberant “Paper Dreams.” For “Till You” Scott & Rosanna create a sparkling kind of loveliness. Going for a playful touch is the nimble work of “In Between” which closes off the collection contemplating the daily routine.

On “Live at Prospect Park” Scott & Rosanna create a raw, remarkable little collection full of life. You can hear the ep and buy it at their bandcamp page. Don’t miss the duo Friday at Club Cafe with Arlo Aldo at 10:30. Tickets are only $8 and can be purchased at Ticketweb, for this 21+ show.

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