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Shaky Shrines “Shaky at Best” Album Review

Shaky Shrines
“Shaky at Best”
Released October 22, 2015

Carefree and summer like, Shaky Shrines represent the best of indie rock with “Shaky at Best”. With a playful psychedelic element to their sound the songs are full of color. Lyrically the songs have an underdog quality to them giving them a hazy quality. Shaky Shrines also veers its tact within the album. Effortlessly running the gamut from languid dreamy rhythms to straight-up burning through everything, Shaky Shrines possesses a great range. Their skill is undoubtedly impressive as the guitars are taut, the drums bombastic, and the vocals positively commanding.

Opening up on a soft note is the duality of “Close Call (Adderall Anxiety).” Very calm at first the song gradually comes into bloom by its triumphant and well earned finale. Reminiscent of Pavement’s sound is the mellow jam of “Sneakin’ Out” sleepy and slacker-ish in its atmospheric approach. Completely dominating in scope is the frantic peppy energy of “Tomato Tomato” where the song virtually demands to be played as loud as possible. This energy continues and informs the infinitely catchy “Thru the Night.” Easily the highlight of the album is the swagger of “Yr House Isn’t Haunted.” Bringing the album to a close is the reflective “Roll Credits.” Shaky Shrines lets their sound expand outwards into the heavens.

The ability of the band to tap into a sense of optimism throughout the album shows how interconnected the entirety of “Shaky at Best” is. By weaving the songs together Shaky Shrines proves that “Shaky at Best” is an album best taken in as a whole.

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