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Slim Forsythe Takes Dream to Reality

soundsceneexpress July 20, 2014 No Comments on Slim Forsythe Takes Dream to Reality

Photos and article by Randy Jarosz

Slim Forsythe
“Live from Nied’s Hotel”
Pilot Episode
July 19, 2014

Nied’s Hotel, in Lawrenceville, was a sight to see Saturday evening, with grizzly bears and mountain lions filling the bar room, and buffaloes in the dining room. No, the Pittsburgh Zoo didn’t take over Nied’s Hotel, but a camera crew did, and the animals were actually named for some of the highest pledgers who donated to Slim Forsythe‘s kickstarter campaign.

In April, Forsythe launched a campaign to raise $10,000 for a pilot episode to create, “Live from Nied’s Hotel,” a country music variety show with himself as the host. Local country musicians, The Beagle Brothers would be the house band for the show and Molly Alphabet the first guest. Forsythe recruited grammy award winning sound recording engineer, Dino DiStefano to be the producer.

The cast and crew spent 5 hours Saturday, filming and recording songs and music. There will be one more shoot for interviews and the editing will begin. The finished product could be done as soon as late October. “My mind is still spinning! I came downstairs yesterday (Saturday) morning about 9 am and I thought they were planning the Invasion of Normandy! Cables, mic stands, cameras, boxes, gear, people…everywhere! Everything we needed to do…we did. I can’t thank Dino DiStefano enough and his whole crew. They amazed me,” says Forsythe.

Mr. Forsythe already has 5 episodes of the weekly production in his head. “This is what I’ve been doing with my life for almost ten years and getting a show or two…or five together is the easy part. The tough part is going to be finding a way to parlay this wonderful pilot into a season’s worth of shows. But I’m upbeat about it. I got the right team for it, I know that,” explains Forsythe.

When the pilot is complete, it can be seen on youtube and a dvd will be in the works, thereafter. “Once I get the pilot episode done and in my hands, I’m going to shop it around. I’m going to start with KDKA TV, where my Dad performed way back in the 1950’s. Then I’ll go to WQED. We’ll seek national syndication and we’ll explore the many new and innovative distribution options available in cyberspace,” says Forsythe.

Fans can follow along with the pilot’s progress at Slim Forsythe’s facebook page or meet him in person after a show with the Payday Loaners. Slim will also be M.C. at Nied’s Hotel amphitheater for Lawrenceville’s R.A.N.T. festival, August 16.

Message from Slim: THANKS to everyone who helped to make this dream come true. I thank the Good Lord for the fans and friends that have made this all possible.

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