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Sofar Sounds Pittsburgh takes their Secret Show to Runaway Studios

Sofar Sounds
featuring Chet Vincent,
André Costello &
White Like Fire
Runaway Studios
April 19, 2015

Photos and review by Randy Jarosz

What do Pittsburgh, Berlin, London, Belgrade, Serbia and Singapore all have in common? On April 19, 2015 all of these cities hosted a Sofar Sounds gathering. Sofar standing for “Songs from a Room,” is a congregation of music lovers to an undisclosed secret location with surprise musicians. Shows are typically at a residence but this time around the event was held at Runaway Studios in Bloomfield. The movement started in London in 2009 and has grown to over 120 cities world wide!

“Can we get a little pulse in the room, like the heartbeat of the community,” as Dean Davis encourages the crowd to clap along, “Do you feel it,” he adds. Global Community Manager, Dean Davis based out of Boston was the hype man for the evening. Davis a former Pittsburgher, brought intensity to the event, really pumping up the crowd with his energetic personality. “We want you all to be friends with each other… I want 30 seconds on the clock and I want you to high 5 your neighbor and say something nice to them,” Dean encouraged.

Dean welcomed Chet Vincent to the stage, who also played the very first Sofar Sounds Cleveland. Vincent fronts the Big Bend and is a staple of the thriving Pittsburgh music scene. What really makes these shows so special is the intimacy of the performance. “That’s a song about dirty politicians or prom,” jokes Vincent after performing an acoustic version of “Limousine.” Acoustic shows with smaller crowds lets the artist perform obscure music that they may not be able to perform in a full band setting.

What is so amazing about Sofar Sounds is the fact that it is like you are getting a personal show with just you and the artist. Although, there may be up to 50 other people, you would never know. The room is so quiet that you are forced to indulge in the craftsmanship of a fine guitarist like André Costello of André Costello and the Cool Minors.
Costello played some songs from 2014’s “Rattling Arcade,” wowed with Roll On (Spaceship) and even played some new material.

The purpose of this special event is to unify the local scene by discovering new music. White Like Fire has been around for a while but with their recently released EP, “Wait the Night Out,” they are sure to be gaining new fans quickly. The bands four part harmonies are something to hear and new song “You gave up on me,” is tailor made for the masses. You will certainly see a lot of these guys in the following months.

Sofar Sounds is one of the coolest musical events Pittsburgh has to offer. Do your self a favor and find out when the next secret show is and go. Like Sofar Sounds Pittsburgh,’s Facebook page wait for the guest list sign up, be part of the movement.

White Like Fire

André Costello

Chet Vincent

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