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Spacefish Have Landed in Pittsburgh

soundsceneexpress November 2, 2016 No Comments on Spacefish Have Landed in Pittsburgh

w/ The John Trumaine Show
& Pop Thief
Delanie’s Coffee
October 15, 2016

From the hills of Central, PA, Spacefish have officially landed in Pittsburgh. A town they now call home as of this past summer. A decision the band made after building up a solid fan base in the city over the past 2 years. “It was time to follow our following,” said Nate Dibert lead vocalist and guitarist of Spacefish.

Much of the three piece band’s fan base was intact for their album release show at Delanie’s Coffee on the South Side, Saturday, October 15. The celebration was for their 2nd full length album “Earth Jokes.” Local artist collective Redfishbowl helped set the stage for the evening, providing the unique makeshift venue. “We wanted to give a non-traditional concert experience. We know our crowd. They crave experience. Most humans do. So we added multi-mediums and dimensions to a place it’s not normally found,” said Dibert. Other non traditional experiences included projectors, a confession booth and live painters.

Spacefish also includes Alexa Myrdal on synthesizer and bass and Keith Clowson on drums. The trio have an obvious chemistry with Clowson keeping everything together, Myrdal changing up the pace with her unique playing abilities while Dibert is unpredictable with an energy that could lead him into the crowd or through the air.

They ripped through songs from “Earth Jokes” like “Eating Horses” and the well received “Creature” with the opening line “Cracks between veins caved into his bones. His prominent features stuck out most.” They also snuck in Spacefish classics like “Your Dad as Whiskey,” and the closer “Rest in Pieces.”

“We couldn’t have pulled any of it off without the help of The John Trumaine Show and Pop Thief, either. It was all one beautiful effort. The next one will be bigger,” claims Dibert. You can find “Earth Jokes” at your local record store at the SPISH mannequin. Which will be circulating throughout the city. To find the next location visit the bands facebook page. If you would like to sell or donate a mannequin contact the band for more information.


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