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Chase The Monkey “How To Say Goodbye” Album Review

Chase The Monkey
How To Say Goodbye
Self released 8-2-2015
Recorded and Mixed by J. Vega at the Wilderness Recording Studio
Cover Photo by Cory Pullen

“How to Say Goodbye” is an album straight from the heart. A perfectly balanced trio, their preference is for a sunlit stripped down sound. Indeed much of the album possesses a summer vibe to it, with a sense of playfulness that permeates the album. Sounding akin to rock n’rock revivalists like the White Stripes and Neutral Milk Hotel, their songs are lean with the just right balance between restraint and full on celebration. The vocals of Alberto Sewald and Matt Hanson works wonders giving off a sense of hope. Of course the album’s beating heart, courtesy of Paige Suvick’s colorful drumming, brings the whole thing together. Lyrically the songs are articulate with a mix of introspection and observation.

Wasting absolutely no time they start off strong with “Trolley Car.” Beautiful in tone the guitar work is quite elegant. On “Lined Paper” Chase The Monkey’s work is reminiscent of The Sea and Cake’s casual, bossa nova inspired work. For “Tree Song” Chase The Monkey veers between quiet contemplation and righteous fury. “Willingly” shows off their considerable chops as their hushed approach is fraught with tension. Roughly halfway through the piece they finally let themselves loose, and the buildup is incredibly satisfying. Keeping a cyclical approach to the piece they return once more to near silence. Ending things on a high note is the tenderness of “Goodbye.”

Chase the Monkey gives indie rock a good name with their approach to rock and roll. Other key tracks on this great album are “1961,” Quick, Before I’m Dead,” and “The Ballad of Norman D. Wallis.” You can purchase the album and hear a sample of it at, and catch them this weekend during R.A.N.T Festival at City Grows on Butler Street in Lawrenceville.

Review by Beach Sloth

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