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Pittsburgh’s Country Music TV Show KICKSTARTER Campaign

Something really cool is starting to take form over at KICKSTARTER. Anything will help to get this awesome project off the ground. Check it out below!

Cover image is a screen shot from the KICKSTARTER video and the text below is from Slim Forsythe’s KICKSTARTER campaign.

My idea is to make a weekly, televised country music variety television show right here at NIED’S HOTEL… right down in the bar, in front of a live audience. I’d be the host. The Beagle Brothers, the Architects of the Bloomfield Sound, have signed on as “House Band.” And for our first special guest star, we’ve got none other than the 10th Ward Treasure Herself, the Rose of Saint Kieran’s, Molly Alphabet.

The show would bring you lots of Classic Country Music… Western Swing, Honky Tonk, Mountain Gospel, Bluegrass, even a little Rockabilly thrown in now and then. Plus original compositions by me, the Beagles, and the guest stars. We’d showcase both local artists and nationally tourin’ acts.

I’m teamin’ up with a Grammy Award winnin’ sound recordin’ engineer, Dino Gabriel DiStefano, who will produce the pilot and the series. Dino worked as mixing engineer on WQED TV’s “Live from Studio A” series. His recordings at the Manchester Craftsman’s Guild were Grammy nominated and Grammy winning projects. Dino is very excited about producin’ the show and he’s already got a fabulous workin’ relationship with those Beagle Brothers. He produced their last three full-length albums!

Now… an undertakin’ of this nature would ultimately require significant commercial sponsorship. We’re comin’ to you on Kickstarter right now to fund one pilot episode. ONE FIRST CLASS, BROADCAST QUALITY PILOT… which we can then take to prospective sponsors, major foundations, non-profits, and other deep pockets. And we’d pitch it to local television production teams and even go for national syndication. But in addition to these traditional routes we would also fully exploit the many new and innovative distribution options available in cyberspace.

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