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Searights Release “Loom” at Cattivo

soundsceneexpress September 1, 2016 No Comments on Searights Release “Loom” at Cattivo

Searights Loom LP release
w/ Chet Vincent and the Big Bend,
Emerson Jat and Pond Hockey
August 26, 2016

Photos and re-cap by Zach Nellis

This past Friday night local Pittsburgh act, Searights celebrated the release of their first full length album Loom at Cattivo in Lawrenceville. The band shared the stage with fellow local acts Pond Hockey, Chet Vincent and the Big Bend, and Emerson Jay. By the end of the night I learned that all these bands have a very different sound, but all came together perfectly for an amazing night of music.

Pond Hockey kicked off the night around 10:30pm with an awesome set. The band’s name couldn’t be any more spot on because the first thought in my head when they took the stage was that, all these guys look like they grew up playing pick up hockey together. These dudes jammed hard enough for the drummer to lose a high hat symbol half way through a song, and still not miss a beat. They were a perfect pick for an opening act, grabbing the attention of the audience, who at this point was mostly just hanging out at the bar. As their set continued I noticed more and more people migrating from the back tables up to the front to bang their heads around a little bit. You can check out Pond Hockey’s FaceBook page for more information on the band.

Chet Vincent and the Big Bend took the stage next and changed up the tempo of the night just slightly. After jamming out to Pond Hockey, Chet and the band threw out some more twangy blues vibes for the crowd to dance around to. One song was described before being played as a song about wanting to drink a lot but growing up and realizing you cant drink as much. To hear more from these guys, you can check out their website or their music video for Limousine on Youtube.

Next Searights took the stage, making sure to thank everyone who came out for their big night. After a few free shirts and pins were tossed into the audience, the band jammed out to a few songs off Loom. Each song seemed to roll right into the next, with some changes of tempo mixed throughout. After a few minutes of chill, mellow riffs the songs could switch on a dime and get you banging your head instantly. Loom is available on on iTunes, Spotify, and Bandcamp. I highly recommend you give it a listen and try to check these dudes out at one of their next shows.

The night was closed out with some electro punkish sounds from Emerson Jay. This was the first I had heard of this guy but I will definitely be checking him out at his next show. Unfortunately, he went on at 1:30am so I was only able to stick around for his first song (due to working in the AM) but it was enough for me to realize he had a unique synth sound accompanied with live drums and guitar that I would definitely like to hear again. You can give him a listen on SoundCloud and see his upcoming shows on his website.


Chet Vincent and the Big Bend

Emerson Jay

Pond Hockey

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