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The Red Western “Sirens” Album Review

The Red Western
Release date February 6, 2016

Passionate and playful, The Red Western’s “Sirens” is a gem of an EP. With a pop sensibility these songs shine with warmth. Effortlessly merging pieces of country with a delicate indie rock structure, the entirety of “Sirens” works best taken in as a whole. Lauren DeLorenze’s vocals tie the whole thing together. Crisp and articulate the lyrics have a poetic quality to them. Her voice has a cheery quality that serves as the heart and soul of the collection. Everything else plays off of her voice: from the impeccable guitar work to the considered rhythm section, the songs come off swinging. Of particular note is the infectious rhythm section courtesy of Sean Finn’s nimble drumming to the ruble bass work courtesy of Jay Leon. Stylistically the Red Western varies its approach going for the low-key acoustic strum to the absolutely triumphant, often within the same song. By offering such a mix the Red Western lets their songs truly grow.

Opening things on a high note is the classic rock infused work of “Away Too Long.” Bubbly in tone, “Away Too Long” is a truly rambunctious song. Shifting to a more casual, almost the Sea and Cake influenced kind of work is the airy sound of “This One.” Ending things on a high note is the amazing buildup that defines the tender work of “Junk Mail.” Lauren DeLorenze and Jonathan Gunnell’s vocals work together perfectly giving the song a sense of purpose as it gives small snapshots of a life.

The Red Western creates a colorful mosaic of sound on the iridescent “Sirens.” The crew will be releasing the “Sirens” EP along with a 2nd EP called “Arrows” Saturday, February 6th at Andy Warhol Museum from 8-10:30. Afterward join Sound Scene Express for their Best of 2015 Rock Awards at James Street Gastropub in the ballroom until 1am. Less than 5 minute drive and less than 15 minute walk away.

Poster by Joe Mruk of Red Buffalo Illustration

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