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Chrome Moses Produces No Frills Rock & Roll on New EP

Preview by Randy Jarosz
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Chrome Moses are a blue collar, no nonsense, true to the term, “rock and roll” band. They are the epitome of Pittsburgh. Hard working, gritty and rough around the edges. Their music is anything but rough though, especially the release of their latest EP Tamaraine, which chronicles 4 new smooth rocking tracks. The band has noticeably taken a leap in refining their sound from their debut self titled release.

TJ Connolly, bassist for Chrome Moses feels the band has grown with this EP and is tighter overall as a group. With the addition of Clarence Grant II on drums the new songs were created with his style in mind and of course, from their experiences on the road while on tour.

Horse Faced Lynn is the first single from the EP and is a favorite among the band. Connolly loves the riff and the way the song moves in general. Lead vocalist and guitarist Joe Piacquadio channels Chris Cornell with his vocal styles, while the title alone makes your mind wander, and wonder who is this horse face women.

As with any new album, bands are looking to please old fans and attract new ones. With this release Connolly explains, “We hope to open some eyes to the fact that we are an unsigned band, with no management who really put our all into our music.  We also would like people to take some joy in new rock and roll that is straightforward and direct.  We have no gimmicks.  We don’t dress up onstage.  It’s just rock songs made with energy and very few computers.  Hopefully that comes across and people can get down with it.”

“It is tough to reel in new music fans. People have so many options for entertainment now that getting them to seriously be excited for what you do can be a challenge.  It can be even harder for a band like us,” explains Connolly. He attributes the bands growth to fans sharing their music with others and word of mouth.

Chrome Moses took their music on the road last year traveling from Cincinnati to DC with a number of other stops on the way.  “We were humbled at the way we were able to grow from nothing at all to building fan bases in other cities.  And like I said, it’s all because of the people who listen to us and really get down to our brand of rock and roll,” says Connolly.

The album was put together over a one year span with touring in between, for Chrome Moses fans it was certainly worth the wait. This small collection is sure to opens eyes to another great Pittsburgh band and leave you wanting more.

The new album is streaming on soundcloud  and can be purchased tonight during the bands EP release show at Thunderbird Cafe with The Red Western and Proper People. Doors open at 8 pm and the show starts at 9 pm. Tickets are only $8 +a fee at Eventbrite.

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